Election 2016 Aftermath

High Hopes Cover Art

Tonight we have a very open conversation on President Elect Donald Trump and the state of the United States of America. We hope you will join us again next week for our normal episode. Cameron forgot to share a message from friend of the show Drunk Brian. “After a day of thought I have finally organized my thoughts about a Trumpy presidency. It will be copied and pasted from a text I sent in response to why people are scared. I know that I personally havent felt this level of discomfort and uncertainty since 9/11. Im not saying he is as bad as 9/11 but this hit us all of a sudden and we dont really know whats going to happen. All we really have to go off of is what we have seen of him so far which is frightening to a lot of people. And sadly this is how I feel as a white male, I cant even imagine some other groups..”

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