Friends get together for their take on a Bronx, NY life. Here’s your invitation to the Private Party.

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When your rent is late, your girlfriend dumps you, your phone gets shut off, but your internet service still works. Listen to High Hopes with WOHLF1.

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Seth and Colby are legends. Scientists have labored for decades trying to discover the reason for this. Perhaps it’s their hilarious stories, their wild antics, that crazy notion to be utterly and refreshingly real about their lives and relationships, or their dashing good looks. It could also be that their love for the listeners is only surpassed by their love for each other. But it’s most likely because it’s just the best darn radio show you’ve ever heard. Ever. Join Seth and Colby every Sunday as they cover the latest pop culture and current events. Everything from politics, music, movies, weird news, and meme culture all delivered to you with Seth and Colby’s one of a kind flair.

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On The Internet Cover Art

Fresh and always funny, Seth and Katrina are On the Internet. With a great cast of supporting characters, hot pop culture news, celebrity interviews, and your phone calls, emails and texts, it’s a rip-roaring good time.

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Why Did We Watch That?!? Cover Art

Every Monday join Cameron as he asks Why Did We Watch That?! Listen and watch reviews and previews of movies of every variety sprinkled with a few side stories from real events that sometimes happen to be very similar to the movie itself. It’s the best way to discover new, old, obscure, and cult movies every week. There’s never been a better way to find movies that you’ll absolutely love to hate and ask “Why Did We Watch That?!?”

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What the Fuego Cover Art

Join Fuego Beats and Profitt every week as they make you say WTF? Each week the duo talks about controversial topics within the entertainment industry and the real world. The crew will conduct interviews with indie musicians and other entertainers along with the weekly indie artist tip and “The Tip of My Fuego”segment.

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