Dewoh In a Nutshell

Founded in late 2005, Dewoh (pronounced “duo”) has been creating online audio and video entertainment for the internet generation since it’s inception. Starting with four online shows and growing, Dewoh became one of the first podcast networks to offer hot talk and pop culture options instead of technology-centered programming. Dewoh soon added live streams, the ability to take on-air phone calls, on-location streaming coverage of major events, and joined an exclusive club of companies that innovated in the industry of podcasting. Dewoh’s goal is and always will be to provide hilarious, informative, and entertaining audio and video podcasts on a variety of subjects.


The story of Dewoh is actually the story of great hosts and amazing talent that has come and gone over our nearly 15 years of existence. Below is a full, poorly written history of the network from our inception until now.

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Founded in 2005

Literally in a radio studio built in a basement bedroom

Seth had always wanted to be in radio, but unlike most people with this dream, he didn’t want to play music. Instead, he wanted to host a talk show. In February of 2015, he had finally saved up enough money to purchase a PowerBook G4 and a small soundboard and he began down the road to creating his own “radio station.” In 2005, even an 18-year-old in Kansas could see that terrestrial talk radio was slowly dying. “Hot Talk” titan Howard Stern was one year away from his deal with Satellite radio, and history would show that other talk radio shows that didn’t play music or cover politics would begin to go away. The writing was on the wall, and Seth knew that a career in talk radio in a tradional sense would not be a wise career decision. The answer was obvious to him – start an online talk radio station, and give yourself a show.

In making that decision Brilliant Studios was born. Brilliant Studios didn’t start off solely as a podcast network, but it began as a web development company that also had podcasts. The flagship was Seth’s own “The Brilliant Podcast” that covered tech news, pop culture news, and allowed Seth and his pals to just generally talk about their lives. It wasn’t until late in 2006 that Seth started down the path that would lead to a rebrand and a more focused podcast network.

2006 – The Year of Seth and Brian

The Podcast that Started It All

Noticing the popularity of his shows thanks mostly to his small network of friends and blog readers, he decided to narrow his focus and start a new show with his good friend Brian.

He modeled the new show directly from the radio. It had commercial breaks, was semi-politically incorrect, had planned out segments and recurring characters. It was truly a radio show on the internet. It became a cult hit swelling to over 500 downloads a day in just over a month. We believe it’s safe to say that in a world dominated by technology podcasts, The Seth and Brian Show was the first podcast for fans of talk radio.

Shortly after this surge in popularity, The Seth and Brian Show video podcast launched providing short but sweet looks at the gang’s shenanigans off the air as well as on. The world was their oyster, but as one door opens, another shuts.

In February 2007, Brian felt some outside pressure and had no choice but to suddenly resign from the show. With barely 20 episodes in the can, Seth’s most popular podcast ever, and one of the fastest growing at the time had come to an end. In hindsight, without this loss, Dewoh would have never came to be. How’s that for a silver lining?

2007 – Dewoh Begins

A Network Rises

From February to June of 2007 a lot changed in Seth’s life – namely, he got his own place and started building Dewoh. Still based out of a bedroom but no longer in his parent’s house, the planning of content and the building of a radio studio continued.

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What does “Dewoh” mean and how did you come up with it. We reached out to our founder for the details:

I was driving to my day job early in the morning and I was trying to think of good domain names that were six characters or less. Dewoh – like the dew on a leaf – and a homonym for “duo” popped into my head and I went with it. I designed the original logo based on that “two leaves” concept to help people understand that made up word. Problem was, everyone to this day calls it “deewah,” we literally had to put “spell D-E-W-O-H every time you promote your show” into host’s contracts, and of course the Simpsons did it.

Seth began to create a new website, brand, and line up of shows once again hosted by his network of friends. For the first time, however, Seth treated Dewoh like a stand-alone podcast network. New shows were added to the network and slowly but surely the content began to catch on.

Seth still hosted his own show, of course, cleverly titled “The Show! With Seth and Friends!” and included many of the same elements that the Seth and Brian Show pioneered including segments, commercial breaks, and a video podcast. An unexpected guest appeared on “The Show!” and his appearance kickstarted Dewoh once more.

A 14-year-old kid named Colby was invited to a live taping of “The Show” one day by Seth’s girlfriend’s younger brother. It turned out that Colby had been a fan of the Seth and Brian Show and was making his own podcast in his spare time. When he was introduced to the younger brother and discovered his connection to Seth, he knew he had to get onto “The Show!” and be involved.

Turns out that fate had just pushed another talented individual into Dewoh – even at 14 years of age. This begins what Seth called “The Second Age of Dewoh.”

2008: The Mega Network

“The Second Age of Dewoh” Begins

Colby ended up making several appearances on “The Show!” and Seth and Colby started to become good friends. Despite the age difference (which we know is weird in retrospect, he’s in his mid-twenties now, so calm down) Seth helped Colby gain a technical knowledge of how to create a podcast. He helped him get his first soundboard, microphones and set up his first studio. Colby’s hosted a show with his best friend Colton that was heavily inspired by “The Seth and Brian Show” called “The Colby and Colton Show.” Seth realized that Dewoh had a “Seth and Brian” sized hole in its lineup, and in September of 2007, the Colby and Colton show joined the Dewoh network.

Over the Spring of 2008 the Colby and Colton show thrived and grew, and more and more programs were added to the network. The most successful program Dewoh ever had in this era was a “Twilight” book series podcast called “Beautiful Monsters.” At the time, while Colby and Colton would pull in 500 listeners a week, Beautiful Monsters was pulling in 25,000. It was the greatest success in Dewoh’s history.

2008 also saw many Dewoh making many innovations in the podcasting industry as they pushed forward toward Seth’s vision of becoming an online talk-radio station. For the first time in podcast history, Dewoh installed a phone line so listeners could call in during tapings of shows. Shortly after, a live video stream was added that was met with universal acclaim.

The live stream was a marvel of technology for 2008. Dewoh was proud to partner with Borders bookstores for a live stream from a Borders location during the midnight release of the final Twilight series book “Breaking Dawn.” This broadcast shattered USTREAM records at the time.

During the summer of 2008, building off the success of Beautiful Monsters, Dewoh had over 15 simultaneous shows, many of which were available as video or audio podcasts, and many of them streamed live. This included “The Seth and Colby Show.” After building a brand new studio for Beautiful Monsters, Seth quit “The Show” and returned to his talk radio roots with a Seth and Brian reboot, this time with Colby as his co-host. “The Seth and Colby Show”, although they only post one episode a year, remains popular to this day.

Sadly, this wave of success was not meant to last. In August of 2008, several things happened.

  1. The hosts of “Beautiful Monsters” hated the newest book in the “Twilight” series and refused to continue the show.
  2. A hard drive containing hours of video footage wore out and effectively put Dewoh production into a standstill.

These catastrophic events meant that Dewoh, without the funding necessary to repair the broken equipment and the figurative gut-check of our most popular show abruptly coming to an end resulted in a years-long hiatus.

2012-2013: The Return

Back By Popular Demand

A lot had transpired over the previous four years of Seth’s life, including a move to a new city, but some things remained the same. People wanted Dewoh programming.

As a passion project, Seth began to resurrect the old Dewoh website with the goal to simply provide a way for fans to re-listen to their old favorites. In doing so, Seth caught that podcasting bug again and began to explore doing his own show once more. With his new girlfriend Kris and her college roommate Katrina, Seth launched a new show on Dewoh called “LIFE.” This show, much like Seth and Brian and Seth and Colby from before was segmented, had commercial breaks, recurring characters, and covered pop culture. However, the unique and distinct voices provided by its mostly female cast allowed it to take a less juvenile tone, and Seth, now nearing his 30s, had done much growing up much as well.

Slowly and steadily, LIFE churned out weekly episodes, and Dewoh added a few new programs. We added our first political show hosted by old Seth and Brian co-host Matthew, a spin-off of LIFE hosted by Katrina and her friend Maliha called “The Rina and Lila Show” and “Why Did We Watch That?!?” a movie review show hosted by Cameron Wohlford.

It became obvious that Dewoh was making a resurgence.

2013-2014: The Rebrand and The Vacation

The Phoenix Has To Die Before It Can Rise From The Ashes

Now that Seth was older and wiser, he realized that Dewoh had always been a “hobby” to him and not a business. He knew that if he wanted to actually bring high-quality online entertainment to the masses and truly fulfill his “online radio station” mentality, he was going to have to treat Dewoh differently. This required planning and purpose, which is something Dewoh had not had for a long time. Seth decided to put Dewoh on “vacation” while he figured out what direction to take the company.

With the newfound planning time, Seth got with Colby, who was now a professional Graphic Designer, to create the first ever re-brand of Dewoh’s image. Over the course of a few months, the duo worked together on keeping the same “two-leaf” motif that was Dewoh’s founding identity, all while bringing it into a modern world.

Then Seth focused on bringing in outside partners. He had always been the sole voice in the company, and he wanted fresh ideas and fresh voices to help bring in the best content possible. Colby and Cameron were already working with Dewoh in some capacity and were obvious choices. Seth also brought Nick, a wizard web developer, and Brandon, a genius social media marketer, into the company. These five gentlemen began planning and building Dewoh’s “Third Age.”

2014-2015: Dewoh Is Born Again

A.K.A. The Time We Try To Make Money

Dewoh was grown up. We knew we had the content to bring in the people, but we also knew that competition was more fierce than it had ever been. Podcasting as an industry was now a viable way to make money and even the most non-tech-savvy person you met knew what podcasts were.

Dewoh needed to compete at the highest level – sound and video quality, in addition to the quality of our hosts and programming. Dewoh leased a studio space and for the first time, Dewoh had a legitimate office space to work out of. We planned to bring over 15 shows to the network, all streamed live and available on our website. We launched in July of 2014 to great response. All of the shows were available in HD video and audio, and looked and sounded amazing. Seth, Cameron, Colby, Nick and Brandon were amazingly proud of the new Dewoh.

Content had never been better than after the re-launch. Returning shows such as “Why Did We Watch That?!?” were instant hits and old favorites made the trip to the studio for special one-off episodes in an event which we called “Dewohpalooza.” This included the first Colby and Colton episode since 2009 and a special reunion between Katrina and Maliha.

To pay for all this new fun, for the first time ever we locked our shows behind a paywall. In order to access new Dewoh episodes, you would need to pay $10 a month. This subscription model was new for us, but we believed that the benefits far outweighed the cost. Every show Dewoh had every produced was available in remastered, HD quality and was totally uncensored and commercial free. We hoped that this new business model would resonate with our audience of loyal fans. What we ended up with was a mixed bag. People loved the high-quality sound and uncensored content, but it turns out that most listeners just didn’t find the lack-of-commercials enough to justify the monthly cost. They would rather have listened to a 60-second advertisement and save $10. We lived and learned.

2015-2018: Yay! We’re Free!

Also, Cameron is in Charge

Seth moved back to his hometown of Wichita in July of 2015 to be closer to his family, and as a result, another retooling was necessary. A year to-the-day of the pay-for-Dewoh model going live, Seth sent the following letter to listeners and resigned his position as CEO of Dewoh, passing the mantle to Cameron.

Friends, strangers, and Dewohans,

A year ago today we launched Dewoh with big hopes and dreams of changing the landscape of podcasting forever. It’s been an awesome year for us, and we learned a ton about the business, and about what you wanted. Today I have several announcements to make as we go into our second year.

First and foremost, I want to personally thank each and every one of you who has supported us. Every dollar, listen, like, and retweet has been huge for us and I truly appreciate it. It’s been amazing for me to hear your feedback and to see that you are enjoying the great content we offer.

With that said, I am resigning as CEO of Dewoh effective immediately. In my place, Cameron Wohlford is stepping up from Chief Content Officer to become the new CEO. I founded Dewoh in 2005 and it’s been my baby ever since, but this is the right time for me to move on to different things. This is entirely my choice, and I know Cameron is going to take great care of Dewoh. He has some fantastic plans and an amazing vision of what Dewoh can be, and I will remain on as an advisor, assisting Cameron with anything he needs.

Cameron has wasted no time in making some big changes. Going forward, Dewoh is going to be completely free. Many of you are paying subscribers and I thank you so much for supporting us each month. You do not need to cancel your subscriptions, that’s already happened and you will no longer be charged. For the rest of you, please enjoy everything Dewoh has to offer.

There will be some programming and messaging changes needed in the coming weeks in order to support this new direction. As such, the website will be changing periodically in order to make the platform more open to everybody. We are also suspending new episodes of existing programs beginning tomorrow and returning with new episodes (completely free!) on August 15th. Cameron will reach out to all of you around that time and fill you in on everything that has happened, and even more on what you can expect going into our second year.

Please follow Dewoh on Twitter @Dewoh and like us on Facebook to stay up to date!

In closing, let me reiterate how grateful I am for Dewoh and how proud I am of what we accomplished over the last decade. Cameron, Nick, Colby, Matthew, Brandon, John, every host, guest, and you – the listener – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to the future!


TLDR: Dewoh is now completely free.

In the time since the writing of this letter, Cameron has continued to grow Dewoh into new areas. His personal show High Hopes co-stars old LIFE co-host Katrina and several more shows are in the works to be added to the network. Seth is still involved in an advisory role (his company created this new website!) and Colby and Nick both still provide help when asked.

2019-Present: It’s All About the Creators, Baby!

Seth is in Charge Again

This story is still being written. Check back soon.